Universal cartridges Vs Original cartridges?

Universal cartridges have revolutionised the consumable industry. We use them, our clients use them and you should use them. Universal cartridges are a great cost effective alternative that will expected page capacity without compromising quality. Universal cartridges are not refills or recycled, they are new cartridges that have been put together with brand new parts and the results equal that of any genuine cartridge. Save $$$ and enjoy the benefits of Universal Cartridges.

Am I in a contract?

No. Under no circumstances do we offer you a contract or ask you to sign on the dotted line. Universal Cartridges is an ethical company that doesn't wish to have power over their respective database. We continually have people say "if only we weren't contracted", or "our prices are to expensive but we can't change because of the agreement". Don't be at the mercy of your supplier, you will only find yourself on the end of higher prices and it is something you can't control. The only contract we like to impose is the loyal one, and this contract is bound by  optimising trust and friendly service.

When will I receive my goods?

If you order prior to 10am and you are in the metro are of your city you will receive your good the same day. Otherwise all order will be overnight. If you are in rural areas please allow for two days delivery.

How do I know if I qualify for promotions?

Simply call our friendly representatives and they will outline your requirements. The vast majority of Universal Cartridges clients benefit monthly from our rolling promotions, so next time you order remember to ask about our promotions.

What happens if I have a faulty cartridge?

Simply contact Universal cartridges and explain your situation, and we do the rest. A replacement cartridge will be sent immediately ensuring you are not effected by our faulty product. Universal cartridges prides itself on sending top quality products and our return rate is less than 2%. Whether it is a Universal cartridge or original cartridge, we will happily swap the faulty with no questions asked.

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